Keep the wishes of your guests
in the new JubileeTree guestbook

No matter whether it’s about a wedding, an anniversary, a christening or any other celebration, JubileeTree is a new choice of the classical guestbook, to keep the wishes and thoughts of your guests written down!
It’s also appropriate to be given as a present to those celebrated! An extra-special surprise and a new object that will persist without the risk of becoming obsolete!


You can have it as you want: you choose the colors, the dimension and number of leafs/hearts, before being produced, you’ll receive on e-mail the patterns according to your design wishes! Or… we suggest alternatives from which you can choose the appropriate one!

On the event.

JubileeTree is, by conception, a background element that will draw the attention of all your guests! They write the wishes and thoughts for the celebrated, therefore completing the image of a unique object that will always remain as an amazing memory!


JubileeTree will become a background element in your house! It can be fitted on the wall as any canvas or it can be fitted on its frame, in any corner of the room as any background object! It can be also framed to adapt more easily to any design!


Marriage is as the best theatre show’s premiere that we have ever imagined, where the protagonists are the wedding guests. As any magical moment, we want to keep it more in our memory.

And what can be more beautiful than to know that your most valued memory can be admired at any time and it will help you relive those moments without depending on technology, no matter if 5 or 50 years have passed?


Guests can write their thoughts and wishes, which, therefore, become, the most special autographs. And JubileeTree has this magical power: to transform them, overnight, from guests… to stars.


JubileeTree – a small work of art, rural and still modern, in your home, forever, that will remind you that, on your wedding day, you had the most beautiful show.
A one of a kind show, even directed by you and your partner!
The feelings and words of the guests will be the source of the most invaluable work of art created in one evening! You find memories, emotions, joy!



You will receive on e-mail the quotation, but also an image/simulation
for a JubileeTree that will contain all the options CHOSEN BY YOU:

Product configuration

JubileeTree is unique because it is created with you!
Now you have the possibility to set up a guestbook exactly as you wish!
Do you know how simple it is? Follow the 3 steps and get it done!

1. Select one of the above models.

2. Press the RED button below “CONFIGURE THIS MODEL”.

3. Choose the colors for all JubileeTree elements (favorite color for the background, tree, leaf groups, hearts, name of the celebrated person and date of the event).

1. Select one of the above models.
2. Press the RED button below “CONFIGURE THIS MODEL”.
3. Choose the colors for all JubileeTree elements (favorite color for the background, tree, leaf groups, hearts, name of the celebrated person and date of the event).

You will immediately receive an e-mail with the product image according to all the options you have selected and its price quote.

If you want to add more modifications to your model, you can resume the 3 steps for a new design.

For modifications that the form does not allow (adding certain design elements, changing fonts, resizing, etc.), please write to us what you want your JubileeTree to contain and we shall create a new model for you!

What does the jubileetree package contain?

The product was designed to be used both during the event like a guestbook, but also subsequently as a decoration object for your house.

The materials it is built from recommend JubileeTree as decoration piece that can be easily incorporated, both in a concept of modern design and also in a classical or traditional one.
You have the possibility to customize your own JubileeTree exactly the way you want!
In the JubileeTree package you’ll find:

A wooden miniature easel

To be fitted on the table, in a slightly inclined position, appropriate so that your guests can easily write their thoughts and wishes. After the event, it will enable you to place JubileeTree on the furniture or in any other room area.

A writing instrument

Which the guests can use during the event to write their wishes and messages for the celebrated.

10 spare leafs/hearts

You can use them if the other ones have faults or if the number of guests is greater than the one evaluated in the beginning.




What is JubileeFrame?

JubileeFrame is a new and innovatory concept for a very special guest card! Your guests write their wishes in various shapes (hearts, butterflies, leaves, balloons, etc.) and then let them fall into the special space between the support and the Plexiglas frame.

JubileeFrame will become, at the end of your event, a unique object that will bring together, in various forms, all the written thoughts gathered from your friends and relatives!

What does the package contain?

The JubileeFrame package also contains a wooden crate for storing the hearts, a wooden easel, a miniature easel that contains the personalized message of the hosts for all the guests and a writing instrument!

Send us your ideas and we will build you, free of charge, a sample for the new JubileeFrame.

I agree with the processing of personal data.


You will periodically receive a newsletter with special offers and details about the new products appeared.


Glow in the dark

For a special effect, choose the option Glow in the dark!

Any of JubileeTree models can be especially treated to discreetly light up in a dark room!

All parts (less the background) remain visible all night, keeping a pleasant color.

Visible in the dark up to 8 hours.

The darker the room, the more intensive the visual effect is.

Indefinite validity

The properties to light in the dark aren’t lost, are guaranteed for an indefinite number of cycles.

Without electric power-supply

It can be charged both from natural light and from the one generated from the light bulbs or neons in the room.

Adds value

The light generated is discreet, pleasant and fits perfectly in the room’s background!
Jubilee Tree


We believe in partnerships and we want to thank all the agencies and collaborators we work with!

The product is particularly interesting, firstly because all its elements can be customized. In addition, we appreciated the high-quality finishes!

Marius Dinu

The creativity of those who produce it allowed me to obtain great design alternatives, very well received by those for whom we work to organize events! The delivery is prompt and the products were always according to the samples! Thank you.

Cristina Poenaru

We had a very good collaboration, thank you for everything. I received the tree intact, throughout the route I was contacted by them to see if everything was all right, if the package arrived in order. Also, all the changes we wanted were made. I highly recommend them!

Andra Roman

Jubilee Tree

A guestbook created with you!

Choose a model or we build you a unique one!